"Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
   expression thereof..."

- First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America
Americans United for Separation of Church and State is an organization of men and women who treasure the rights conferred by the First Amendment. Members wish to protect and combat the erosion of those rights. Working with other like-minded organizations, we monitor and identify issues in governance, education and civil life. Where necessary, we undertake actions consistent with our mission

Americans United for Separation of Church & State
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The founders of our country knew well the waves of religious persecution that had crippled Europe for centuries. They built a solid wall between Church and State. With increasing fervor, groups of people are working hard to tear down this wall. Everyday, new attempts are made to "establish" churches by seeking ways to have church activities funded by government money and to introduce faith-based activities in schools and in government.
"...Like a Thief in the Night"
Florida Legislators Try to Rush Through Bills Before They are Found Out
The flurry of legislation in the Florida House and Senate, proposed and passed pieces of legislation inimical to the intentions of our founding fathers. In particular, a bill is proposed that will expand greatly the use of school vouchers. (SB 1218; SB 1550)
This flies in the face of overwhelming evidence that students in  charter schools fare no better than public school students on standardized achievement tests. Many charter schools in Florida have been closed down because of their inability to meet minimal standards.
More injurious is the stripping away of funds for public schools. It is clear that conservative groups want these vouchers in order to provide public taxpayer funds to religious schools. The net result will be many private or charter schools of a fundamentalist Christian variety. At the same time, it will leave public schools to become ghettoes of the poor and disadvantaged.
Other pieces of legislation attempt to chip away at  Pro-Choice rights by imposing religious beliefs and prohibitions on the whole of the population. People like Charles Van Zandt ( a House member from Clay County) who says that his mission in life as a politician (he holds a Doctorate in Theology and is an ordained minister) is to rid the country of the"curse of baby-killing". He states that the Lord has spoken to him directly and ordered him to pursue this vocation.. 
No one that we know celebrates abortion.  In a way, it is a failure of society. Howevee, it does not over-ride a woman's right to choose under certain circumstances. *
SB 1854 would require schools to teach a "critical analysis" of evolution.---a code word for challenging the science underlying this well-demonstrated understanding of natural  selection.
It is important for all Americans who honor the separation of Church and State to guard against these religious incursions.
-John G. Lynch
* see www.foretunner-ministries.org
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